Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much


Each and every one of us has the right to good health. For us to access good health and health care there’s a global need for enhancing and personalizing the delivery of health care and the assessment of risk for Insurers.


We are focussed on enhancing the quality of life and health of every human being on the planet. We believe that the best way is by helping them understand and predict their health risks so that action can be taken proactively.


Make ‘The FEDO Score’ a Global Benchmark for predicting the health quotient of individuals. This Score will become the tool for quality care globally.

Meet the team


Co-founder & CEO

A management professional with proven track record in designing solutions, process excellence, complex projects implementation, and management across financial, outsourcing, automotive and hospitality industries. A self-starter and a strategist, he has the vision and passion to shape ideas into products and processes that work effectively in the best possible time. At FEDO, he has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with a vision to touch lives positively in the wellness and healthcare space.



With over 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry, FEDO is the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey that leverages artificial intelligence to reduce the burden of lifestyle diseases in developing economies. In his previous avatar, he has been a management consultant with a focus on managing, assisting and directing operations for leading healthcare clients in North America. During this time, he built expertise across key functions - product strategy, claims processing, enrollment & billing and PBM. Read more

  • Nadeem PJ

  • Keerthana Kakarlapudi

  • Lavanya BS

  • Akshay Anvekar

  • Mastan Naikwade

  • Sudeer Kumar KR

  • Anjali Sharma

  • Shilpa Venkatesh

  • Dinil Jose

  • Rachitha Mohanty

  • Annet Mary James

  • Poornima K